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The Health Press is a Health Research Journal whose focus is to support the stregthening of Zambia's Public Health Security. It provides a platform for sharing and communicating of health related knowledge and research in Zambia and globally. It aspires to make use of research and development information that may inform policy direction on various issues, enhance national development and help secure Zambia's Public health security. The journal offers opportunities for world scholars and individuals to contribute their knowledge and innovations to respond to developmental challenges facing the globe today.

The Journal focuses on health related research and welcomes constributions from agriculture, environment and natural resources; business law and human resources development, humanities and social sciences, science, engineering and ICT, technology, medicine and education that aim to support health. The journal invites academicians, researchers, and innovators to contribute their knowledge and communicate your insights in the world of knowledge. This is a bi-annual peer reviewed online journal.

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Vol. 7 No. 04 (2023): The Health Press Vol 07 Issue 04 - 2023
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The Health Press - Zambia is a publication of the Zambia National Public Health Institute, which was established in February 2015. Every public health threat can be reduced if its scope and cause are not only known, but shared with policy makers and the public. Much information gathered about public health concerns in Zambia is buried in reports that are not well used for decision making. The Health Press - Zambia has been established in recognition of the need to communicate reliable health information to policy makers, public health practitioners, and the public.

This is Quarter 4 of the 2023 Health Press . 

Published: 21-05-2024

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